Gianluca Pelissetti, Project Manager @domino

I'm currently employed as Digital Project Manager, freelance
at Domino - Turin

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Selected Projects @domino (from 2015)


IVECO customer portal

A unique touchpoint for IVECO Customers for services around their trucks, always updated and accessible through mobile. A dynamic dashboard is the myIVECO control point. The Marketplace can be explored to choose the preferred widgets for a custom experience.

Istitutional website

Mopar is the official service partner for all Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands, the one and only "brand of brands". A guarantee for motorists and their contact with the Group.


FiatPro marketing tool

e-Product is a tool that improves the sales process making it memorable. It creates a close connection with the potential buyer and enhances the vehicle contents.
 It can be used in the office, on the vehicle, in the dealer's parking lot.
 It works both online and offline, via desktop and tablet devices.

Corporate website

HUMANufacturing, the "factory of the future". From collaborative robots to "smart" automation solutions with a view to Industry 4.0.

Experiences (2000-2015)


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